Module of Law

NoModule No.Module Names
2Eng 1001English
3Law 1101Introduction to the Study of Law I
4Law 1102History of State and Law
5Phil1001Logic in Practice I
6AM 1001Aspects of Myanmar
NoModule No.Module Names
1Eng 2001English
2Law 2101Myanmar Customary Law I
3Law 2102Law of Contract
4Law 2103Labour Law
5Law 2104 Law Relating to Sale of Goods
6Phil 2004 Philosophy of Law I
NoModule No.Module Names
1Eng 3001English
2Law 3101Criminal Law
3Law 3102Public International Law
4Law 3103Business Law I
5Law 3104Conflict of Laws
6Psy 3001Crime and Psychology I
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 4101Constitutional Law
2Law 4102Civil Litigation I
3Law 4103Revenue Laws I
4Law 4104Law of International Institutions
5Law 4106International Economic Law
6Law 4107Child Law of Myanmar
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 5101Law of Evidence I
2Law 5102Shipping Law I
3Law 5103Military Law
4Law 5104Comperative Law
5Law 5105Criminology
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 611 ACriminal Law
2Law 612 ALaw of Business Organizations
3Law 613 AMyanmar Customary Law
4Law 614 AConstitutional Law I
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 611 BPublic International Law I
2Law 612 BInternational Economic Law
3Law 613 BInternational Law of Armed Conflict and International Humanitarian Law
4Law 614 BLaw of Treaties
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 631 ASpecial Criminal Laws
2Law 632 ALaw of Evidence
3Law 633 ALabour Law
4Law 634 ALand Law
No.Module No.Module Names
1Law 631 BLaw of International Institutions
2Law 632 BInternaational Air and Space Law
3Law 633 BLaw of the Sea
4Law 634 BIntellectual Property Law II

NoModule No.Module Names
1မ 1002Myanmar
2Eng 1002English
3Law 1103Introduction to the Study of Law II
4Law 1104Jurisprudence
5 Phil 1003 Logic in Practice II
6AM 1002Aspects of Myanmar
NoModule No.Module Names
1Eng 2002English
2Law 2106Myanmar Customary Law II
3Law 2107Law of Tort
4Law 2108Land Law
5Law 2109Negotiable Instruments Act
6Phil 2009 Philosophy of Law II
NoModule No.Module Names
1Eng 3002English
2Law 3106Criminal Procedure Code
3Law 3107Human Rights Law
4Law 3108Business Law II
5Law 3109 Law of Insurance
6Psy 3002Crime and Psyhology II
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 4108Administrative Law
2Law 4109Civil Litigation II
3Law 4110Revenue Law II
4Law 4111International Environmental Law
5Law 4112 Law of the Sea
6Law 4113Transport Law
No.Module No.Module Name
1Law 5107Law of Evidence II
2Law 5108Shipping Law II
3Law 5109Intellectual Property Law
4Law 5110Constitutions of ASEAN Countries
5Law 5111Law of Commercial Arbitration
NoModule No.Module Names
1Law 621 ACriminal Procedure
2Law 622 ACivil Litigation
3Law 623 AFamily Laws
4Law 624 AConstitutional Law II
No.Module No.Module Names
1Law 621 BPublic International Law II
2Law 622 BLaw of International Trade
3Law 623 BHuman Rights Law
4Law 624 BInternational Environment Law