Researches of Philosophy

No.NameTitleName of JournalYear, Volume, PageDesignationDesignation (Published)DepartmentUniversity (Published)Members
1Dr. Khin Maung HlaThe Role of Logic in Academic WritingMyanmar Academy of Arts and Science2011. June,Vol IX,No-7B,Pg 249-258ProfessorLecturerPhilosophyUniversity of Yangon-
2Dr. Khin Maung HlaA Philosophical Study of Cultivating Union Spirit Universities Research Journal2009. December,Vol 2,No-9,Pg 93-105ProfessorAssistant LecturerPhilosophyLoikaw UniversityKhin Saw Myint Myint, Tutor, philosophy , Loikaw University
3Dr. Daw Ngwe SoeA Study of the Treaties "Lokaniti"Yangon University of Distance Education Research Journal2009. December, Vol 1,No-1,Pg 139-151ProfessorAssistant LecturerPhilosophyYangon University of Distance Education-
4Dr. Kyaw ThuyaA Philosophical Approach to Primary Moral Concepts of Myanmar Customary LawMawlamyine University Research Journal2017. December, Vol 9,No-1,Pg 51-58Associate ProfessorLecturerPhilosophyMawlamyine University-
5Dr. Kyaw ThuyaA Search for Cultural Adaptability in ThuwunnabumiMawlamyine University Research Journal2012. December, Vol 4,No-1,Pg 58-61Associate ProfessorAssistant LecturerPhilosophyMawlamyine University-
6Dr. Kyaw ThuyaA Study of Important Role of Myth in Japanese Nationalism as an Example for the MonMawlamyine University Research Journal2011. December,Vol 3,No-1,Pg 40-45Associate ProfessorAssistant LecturerPhilosophyMawlamyine University-
7Dr. Kyaw ThuyaMyanmar Customary Law as a Standard of MoralityUniversities Research Journal2011. December,Vol 4,No-7,Pg 63-71Associate ProfessorAssistant LecturerPhilosophyMawlamyine University-
8Dr. Kyaw ThuyaThe Intersection Point between Morality and Law in Myanmar Buddhist SocietyUniversities Research Journal2010. December,Vol 3,No-7,Pg 55-65Associate ProfessorAssistant LecturerPhilosophyMawlamyine University-
9U Myo LwinA Comparative Study of the Monism of Sankara and the Qualified Monism of Ramanuja in Vedanta PhilosophyPathein University Sympoisium (2016) Research Papers2017,Feb. Vol,1 N0.2,Pg 51-54Associate ProfessorLecturerPhilosophyPathein University-
10U Myo LwinAn Evaluative Approach on Educational Philosophy in ExistentialismPathein University Research Journal 2018 December. Vol,8 N0.1,Pg 78-85Associate ProfessorLecturerPhilosophyPathein University-
11U Aung Nyein ChanA Study on Saya Paw Oo Thett's Works of Art from the Aesthetics Point of ViewMawlamyine University Research Journal2013. December, Vol 5,No-1,Pg 43-49LecturerTutorPhilosophyMawlamyine University-