About Library

Mawlamyine University Library

Library History

In 1959, the college of Mawlamyine was established. The library was then on the ground floor of the main building. In 1986, the college became Mawlamyine University. The library was also moved to a separate building with a ceremonial opening on January 25, 2004. The library is opened from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. week day.

Open and Close system is applied for the convenience of the users. Our library has books on various subjects both in English and Myanmar. There are newspapers, reference books, periodicals, books on knowledge and pleasure, old university questions on all subjects. There are about more than 100,000 books in our library.


  1. To help the development of human resources.
  2. To support the role in higher education.
  3. To upgrade the role of students and faculty members.
  4. To support the researchers and faculty members in studying.


Helping those who seek knowledge.