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Announcement from TIDE

Announcement from TIDE

  1. TIDE Online Gateway Courses tidestudent.org
  2. TIDE Formative survey for students –


Introduction by Irrawaddy Policy Exchange (IPE)

Formative Student Survey

TIDE will conduct a formative survey for students, preferably, 3rd and 4th year students. Both distant and campus students can take the survey. The survey link will, when ready, be sent to Rectors, Pro-Rectors and Focal Leads of TIDE universities then can freely share to students via convenient channels (webpage, Facebook groups etc). The survey has about 10 short and easy questions and requires at least 10 students per university (can be more than 10 students).

TIDE Gateway Courses Outreach approach

TIDE aims to reach 50,000 students through online gateway courses and explored the best possible ways to reach targeted number with focal leads. The Student Gateway Courses are_

  • Get started with online learning.
  • Am I ready to study in English?
  • Am I ready to be a distance learner?
  • Digital Skills, Digital Learning.


Discussion on TIDE Online Gateway Courses. To incorporate the followings in the courses for enhancing student engagement.

  • To review/activate interactive pieces in the courses
  • To arrange online facilitator/Mentor and clear layout of their roles
  • To provide Course Completion Certificates
  • To organize end of course forum with UK speakers
  • To invite guest speakers from Business fields for engagement
  • To include time limitation and schedule on the courses
  • To launch the event (tentatively in January)
  • Actions will be taken by IPE through having discussion with Open University and relevant stakeholders internally.

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